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Ph.D. Students (17)
No. Students Name Cooperative Supervisor E-mail Address
1 T.H. Fang (Tie-Hui Fang) N.R. Tao
2 S. Guo (Sheng Guo) Z.B. Wang
3 X.G. Zheng (Xian-Gui Zheng) Y.N. Shi
4 Z.P. Luo (Zhao-Ping Luo) H.W. Zhang
5 L.X. Sun (Li-Xin Sun) N.R. Tao
6 H.W. Huang (Hai-wei Huang) Z.B. Wang
7 F.K. Yan (Feng-Kai Yan) N.R. Tao
8 X.L. Lv (Xiang-Long Lv) Y. Li
9 X.L. Ye (Xing-Long Ye) J.H. Jun
10 W. Chen (Wei Chen) L. Lu
11 X.C. Liu (Xiao-Chun Liu) H.W. Zhang
12 H.Y. Yi (Hao-Yu Yi) N.R. Tao
13 Y.L. Liang (Yong-Li Liang) Z.B. Wang
14 X.H. Zheng (Xue-Hao Zheng) H.W. Zhang
15 X. Chen (Xiang Chen) Z. Han
16 S.S. Cai (Shan-Shan Cai) N.R. Tao
17 S.D. Zhang (Suo-De Zhang) J.Q. Wang
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Last modified: 2012/9/19
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